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Reading Isaac Asimov's sci-fi classics

(This is adapted from an email I sent to Dave Rupert.)

Isaac Asimov is one of my favorite sci-fi authors. He definitely has faults; sometimes there’s too much awkward exposition or character weirdness. But in general I really like thinking about the ideas he brings up and the way he explores them.

He has TONS of books but his most-known works as the Robot series and the Foundation series. The Foundation series is considered a sci-fi classic and includes my favorite works of his.

Robot Series

Foundation Series


There’s also an “Empire” series which is kind of interesting but not as good, and a few standalone novels. Of the standalone novels, I loved End of Eternity because I’m personally into time paradox stuff. I also liked but didn’t love The Stars, Like Dust. And Pebble in the Sky is loved by a lot of people but I haven’t read it yet.


Dune isn’t an Isaac Asimov book but it’s must-read sci-fi in my opinion also. You’ll understand references in the first half a lot more on the second read.